Glass is magical. It can be clear and sparkling like frozen light, or tumbled smooth like a river stone. 
What inspires me most are color and light, and how they interplay. 

I began glass beadmaking began in a most unusual way:

In 1997 I dreamed night after night that I was making glass beads, only I had never made a glass bead before. I was making silver and gemstone jewelry and I wasn't inspired to work with hot glass. Yet still the dreams persisted, for weeks and for months, until I couldn't ignore them any longer. I searched for any information about glass bead making that I could find and finally took a class. 

What I do:

I melt colored glass rods with an oxygen-propane torch that's mounted to my workbench. I wind a blob of hot molten glass around a clay-coated stainless steel mandrel to form a bead. Then I add layers and different colors of glass, building up the bead from the core outwards. Sometimes I decorate with thin glass stringers, shape with tools or use techniques like raking and twisting the glass. When the bead is finished and still hot, I place it in a 950 F degree kiln to anneal and strengthen the glass. At the end of the workday I program the kiln to cool down slowly to room temperature, which takes about eight hours. The next morning the beads can be removed, taken off the mandrels, cleaned, and they're ready for your jewelry!

I live in Sedona, Arizona with my two daughters. We love plants, music, art, writing, poetry, movies, salads, and chocolate.